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We have partnered with clients and candidates through both pre and post-COVID worlds, major Government policy agendas and the emergence of new Community-focused initiatives. This has given us a unique understanding of contemporary Human Services in Australia, and the ability to quickly deliver informed and effective solutions.

We see the Big Picture.

Human Services is a broad sector often with several disciplines working together to deliver integrated, often complex services to the Community. The McArthur team works across 7 key specialist areas including Alcohol and Other Drugs, Child, Youth and Family Services, Family Violence, Housing and Homelessness, International Practice and Research, Mental Health and Migrant and Refugee Support. We can see the opportunities for individual career development and diversity, and the possibilities for innovative skills application on a wider scale.

Consultants that speak your language.

All McArthur Human Services consultants come from Social Work, Case Management or Counselling backgrounds. They understand the complexities and sensitivities, issues and challenges that the sector faces day-to-day and have the insight to guide employers and job seekers in delivering the best possible outcomes.

Discover the benefits of our industry-leading Insight, Innovation and Experience.

All the resources and support of Australia’s leading specialist recruiter.

McArthur has been leading and changing the world of work and care for well over 50 years, and the Social Work, Psychology and Counselling recruitment team is backed by all the resources of one of Australia’s most respected, successful and innovative people-focused organisations.

55+ years successful track record in Permanent, Temporary and Contract Recruitment

100% privately and Australian-owned

A network of 6 offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

210+ highly experienced recruitment professionals

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