Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice

We encourage you to regularly check here for an up-to-date overview of the situation’s impact on our services and latest advice and updates from Government and Health Authorities.

Our latest Workplace Risk Management (COVID-19) Update

Steps introduced to address potential risks relevant to our business and in particular, our temporary workforce and the clients they support

McArthur Candidates COVID-19 Safeguards and Checklist

Contact your McArthur Consultant if you have any concerns regarding your situation or work.

COVID-19 Update

McArthur's top priority remains the health, safety and well-being of our people, our clients and our community. We continue to support and meet your recruitment needs with minimal interruption in service.

Podcast - Leading through challenges to emerge into a new future

In this episode, Allan Preiss talks with Glenn Patterson about how he has led the council through this period of turmoil and how they are planning to emerge into a post COVID-19 future.

Podcast - Reflections on learning, life and career in public service

In this episode, we interview Noelene Duff, an experienced senior leader in both State and Local government management, about her reflection on public service, her professional career and her advice to young public servants.

Podcast - Deliberative democracy in community engagement & local government decision-making

In this podcast, we interview Amanda Stone, a Councillor at the City of Yarra Council, about deliberative democracy and how it can enhance the work of local government through engaging and connecting with community stakeholders.

Inspire 2020 Conference - Dreams, Creativity and Innovation

With a commitment to support continuous professional development in Early Childhood and Care sector, McArthur is proud to be a partner of Inspire 2020 Conference.

2020 Not for Profit People Conference

McArthur team is looking forward to meeting passionate NFP professionals, fellow exhibitors, distinguished speakers and all conference attendees at 2020 Not for profit People conference.

2020 LGPro Annual Conference - Future Ready...Make the Connection

2020 LGPro Annual Conference offers a series of workshops to provide practical tools for local government professionals to be "future ready" and opportunities to "make the connection" at and after the event.

Early Childhood Teaching Opportunities - 2020 Victorian 3-Year-Old Kindergarten Program

McArthur Early Childhood Education team are working with the Department of Education and Training in recruiting Early Childhood Educators and Teachers for regional areas in Victoria for 2020.

Celebrating how you work

#LoveYourWork is a place to celebrate and promote what is great about modern, flexible work.

2019 AASW Conference – Challenging Inequality: Working together for a just society

McArthur is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of 2019 AASW Conference - Challenging Inequality: working together for a just society

2019 KU National Conference – the Power of the Question

McArthur is proud to support continuous professional development in Early Childhood and Care sector as a Premium Gold Sponsor of 2019 KU Annual Conference.

IMP Case Study - An Inspiring Journey of Personal Development as A Mentee

McArthur is delighted to present a short update and positive feedback from a mentee on her experience and her project development during the LGPro 2019 International Mentoring Program.

2019 LASA National Congress: Better Ageing Futures

As a proud sponsor of 2019 LASA National Congress: Better Ageing Futures, McArthur continues to support LASA’s missions to enable people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

IMP Case Study - A Rewarding Experience of Cultural and Knowledge Exchange as a Mentor

As the learning is often two-way, the mentee/mentor relationship is invigorating and rewarding for both parties. We are excited to share an update on a mentoring experience from one of our mentors this year.

2019 IPWEA Queensland Annual Conference

McArthur is proud to continue to be a silver sponsor of 2019 IPWEA Queensland Annual Conference (22 - 24 October 2019)

2019 MAV Annual Conference and Dinner

McArthur team is looking forward to 2019 MAV Annual Conference and Dinner to join in the conversations of prominent local government issues and future challenges in the sector

2019 Early Childhood Australia National Conference

From vision to action is the theme for Early Childhood Australia’s (ECA) National Conference, to be held in Hobart, Tasmania, from 25–28 September 2019

Nominations open for 2019 McArthur Early Childhood Volunteer of the Year Awards

McArthur continues to partner with ELAA to present the 2019 McArthur Early Childhood Volunteer of the Year Awards. Nominations open now

2019 LGPro Active Ageing & Wellbeing Seminar - Inclusive Connections

2019 LGPro Active Ageing & Wellbeing Seminar - Inclusive Connections reflects the changing nature of the sector to focus on the areas of active ageing and wellbeing.

Get Ready Early Childhood Conference 2019

McArthur is proud to support bestchance Child Family Care network at 2019 Conference to assist all early year professionals with their research and planning of the School Readiness Funding initiative in Victoria.

Win an ECE Study Tour to New Zealand

McArthur ECE has partnered with Kelly Goodsir Consultancy to offer an exceptional and unique opportunity to further develop your sector experience, pedagogy and practice, and to experience the wonderful city of Auckland, New Zealand.

2019 Excellence in Early Childhood Education and Care Conference

Embracing the Magic of Childhood, 2019 ACA Victoria Excellence in ECE Conference celebrates the wonder of childhood and the importance of early learning in all children’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development

2019 National Congress & Business Expo

An unmissable annual event for local government sector is coming with distinguished key presenters, panel sessions and workshops, networking opportunities, business expo and social activities.

2019 LGPro Women's Professional Development Forum

The annual LGPro Women’s Professional Development Forum and Network dinner addresses the issues, opportunities and challenges facing women working in the Local Government sector.

2019 International Mentor Program - Local Government Professionals Australia

We are very proud to sponsor the 2019 International Mentor Program and welcome each and every mentor and mentee to the program

2019 National General Assembly of Local Government – Future Focused

The NGA this year will consider what councils can do today to get ready for the challenges, opportunities and changes that pave the path ahead.

18th Annual Local Government Professionals Australia, SA Leadership Excellence Awards

The event is a showcase of the amazing services and programs that local government delivers each year to our communities

McArthur sponsorship - Huntington’s Disease May Awareness Month

McArthur is proud to support Huntington’s Victoria movement to raise essential awareness, understanding and educate Australians on what Huntington's Disease is.

McArthur workshop – Intensive Training on NDIS Support Coordination

This workshop includes information about NDIS overview, principles and updates, support coordination responsibilities and best practice in NDIS planning, activating and reporting procedure

McArthur workshop – Dementia Awareness Training for Aged Care carers

This workshop includes information about dementia descriptions, symptoms and impact of dementia, changes in behaviour and communication to develop an understanding and skills to manage and support a person with dementia.

2019 Early Childhood Education Conference – Growing tomorrow

As one of Australia’s longest running early years professional events, the Conference continues to explore the ‘macro’ issues for our sector.

McArthur Statement - Adelaide Oval incident July 12 2018

McArthur Statement - Adelaide Oval incident July 12 2018

What outcomes parents should expect from early childhood education and care?

By the time children are five, they should show preference for a particular hand and be able to work with others.

Our McArthur Commercial staff save the day!

We’d like to share a bit of our work that we completed recently because our McArthur Pink Shirts made the 5pm Channel Ten news again!

2019 LGPro Annual Conference - Respect, Relate and Resilience

We're preparing for the upcoming LGPro Annual Conference in Melbourne for February 20-21 in 2019! We're running the McArthur Coffee Stand so be sure to pop in for a cuppa!

2019 LGPro Annual Conference South Australia - Communicate to Captivate

Get ready South Australia for the 2019 LGPro State Conference with McArthur. Come for a chat and a coffee on the 22 February.