5 Types of Aged Care Jobs To Apply For in Australia

6 Types Of Jobs In Aged Care To Apply For In Australia By Mcarthur Recruitment

McArthur Recruitment is at the forefront of Australia's thriving aged care industry, regularly fostering new connections between dedicated professionals and gratifying careers.

As the demand for aged care rises, we are seeing an array of exciting career opportunities becoming available, each playing a unique part in enhancing the lives of our senior citizens. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at five prominent job roles in this field.

1. Aged Care Worker Jobs

Aged care workers, also known as personal care assistants or support worker, form the bedrock of the industry, providing essential daily assistance to our seniors. Their efforts embody the spirit of compassionate service, bringing comfort, companionship and dignity to older adults.

Responsibilities often include:

  • Personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Assisting with mobility and physical therapies
  • Providing emotional support and companionship

Qualifications generally include a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) or equivalent (Aged Care) and additional certificates in First Aid & CPR can provide desirable skills to increase your employability. Empathy, patience and communication skills are also crucial soft skills in this role. 

McArthur Recruitment can help you explore exciting opportunities as an aged care worker.

2. Aged Care Domestic Assistant Jobs

The role of domestic assistant in aged care is fundamental to maintaining a hygienic, safe and pleasant environment for older people. Whether they are working in someone’s home or an aged care facility, these unsung heroes ensure cleanliness, contributing significantly to the well-being of residents.

Duties often include:

  • Assisting with everyday household tasks and cleaning duties such as dishwashing, house cleaning, clothes washing, shopping and paying bills.
  • Ensuring health and safety laws are always adhered to
  • Providing effective support to clients, recognising changes in clients’ conditions and escalating observations and concerns

Basic training in cleaning and housekeeping experience, along with a commitment to support your community and aging people, is usually enough to start. Discover fulfilling aged care domestic assistant jobs through McArthur Recruitment.

3. Aged Care Nursing Jobs

Aged care nurses meld medical expertise with compassionate care. They monitor the health of residents, administer medication and develop personalised care plans. Responsibilities often encompass:

  • Routine health checks and responding to medical emergencies
  • Liaising with doctors and family members regarding health matters
  • Ensuring residents' comfort and emotional well-being

You'll need a Diploma of Nursing or a Bachelor of Nursing degree with a current unrestricted AHPRA Registration to qualify for an Enrolled Nurse or a Registered Nurse role respectively.  The beginning of many on the way to reaching a nurses career is an Assistant in nursing (AIN) or a nursing support worker role. A minimum requirement to apply for a position as an AIN in aged care is qualification in Health Assistance.

There has never been a better time to get started. There are new laws of 1 July 2023 mandating that at least one registered nurse must be present and on duty at all times within a residential aged care facility. Naturally, this is leading to a surge in demand within the industry.  If you have a passion for nursing and elder care, McArthur Recruitment can connect you to the ideal aged care nursing job in Australia.

4. Aged Care Planned Activity Group Officer Jobs

This role also has a few different names - leisure and lifestyle officer, social support worker, community support worker and wellness and lifestyle coordinator. But they all essentially provide older people with a planned program of meaningful group social activities to support them maintain their ability and encourage their independence to live at home and involve in the community. The program brings joy and health through engaging lifestyle and event programs, making a significant difference in seniors' lives as well as provides carer respite.

Tasks may involve:

  • Planning and delivering wellness, social and lifestyle activities supporting the elderly to live better
  • Ensuring senior participants are assisted to maintain their optimal level of social and physical function
  • Maintaining a high level of client confidentiality, information privacy, quality systems and risk management in the aged care and health sectors.

Qualifications in Individual Support, Community Development or Leisure and Lifestyle and an understanding of the ageing process, client-focussed care and recreational aids for elderly people are essential. McArthur aged care recruitment specialists can discuss with you about a variety of job opportunities and career choices in the field.

5. Aged Care Case Manager Jobs

Aged care case managers, also known as care manager, combine case management and care experience with an in-depth understanding of the aged care sector. They oversee assessment, manage cases and carers and monitor the quality of care.

Duties usually involve:

  • Performing a critical assessment and communication role in order to match the client and family/carers care needs with the service system
  • Providing a highly skilled case management service
  • Ensuring quality services in line with funding & aged care guidelines to carers/clients

A degree in Nursing, Allied Health or Social Science or a related field is usually required together with relevant experience in case management and various aged care initiatives and programs. With McArthur Recruitment, you can grow your aged care career with rewarding supervisor, assessor and manager roles in Australia.

Find the Right Jobs in Aged Care For You with McArthur Recruitment

The aged care sector presents diverse job opportunities, each contributing meaningfully to the well-being of our elderly citizens. Whether you're a hands-on carer, a nurse, social support worker, domestic assistant, manager, or quality commissioner, you have a vital role in this industry. The rewards are profound - the chance to make a significant difference in people's lives.

Begin your journey with McArthur Recruitment today by exploring our aged care jobs available, or contact us for more information.

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