Work opportunities to suit your lifestyle needs
and career aspirations.


McArthur have been helping people like you build rewarding, long term careers in Social Work and Case Management for more than 15 years.

We provide Permanent, Temporary and Casual work options and cover all skills sets and disciplines including:

Case Managers • Child Protection Specialists • Qualified Social Workers • 

For Temporary and Casual staff are objective is simple - to find you work when and where you want it. 

What makes McArthur your best choice career partner

  • Your own personal consultant 
    You've worked hard, achieved a lot and your career deserves focused attention. Your consultant will have an in-depth knowledge of your industry

  • Direct access to the 'hidden' opportunities
    Over the last 15 years we have developed one of the recruitment industry's most extensive networks of Social Work and Case Management clients
    Our partnerships are long term and built on trust, so we often know when career opportunities are available before they hit the market

  • Proactive marketing
    We don't sit back and wait for roles to come in that may suit your experience and expertise. We actively market you to employers we think are
    a 'best fit' for your skills, aspirations and their business needs

  • Our commitment to Gender Diversity
    All recruitment submissions and recommendations presented to McArthur clients are based on capability and competence, regardless of gender.
    Click here to download a copy of the McArthur Gender Diversity Statement


Register your details and send your resume to us and we'll keep you in touch with all the best opportunities.


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