McArthur Nannies

At McArthur Nannies, our mission is to:

  • Provide quality care and education for all children and tailored to suit specific child and family's needs
  • Promote the health, safety, well-being and development of babies, toddlers and children in the home
  • Ensure respectful communication with families as an integral part of providing care and education in the child's home environment; which will echo individual parenting beliefs and practice
  • Reflect the individual values, experiences and beliefs of Nanny/Early Childhood Professionals and enable them to provide qualified advice and guidance to support the care and education of your children
  • Support and continuously improve the service our Nannies provide for children and families through professional, accredited and in-service training opportunities

We believe in:

  • Recruiting qualified and experienced early childhood professionals who demonstrate initiative, high level of cooperation and ability to work independently
  • Positive interactions and communication with everyone involved in a child's care
  • Supporting the physical and emotional health, safety, wellbeing and development of all children
  • Practicing safe and hygienic routines, procedures and experiences in homes or communities
  • Providing opportunities for exploration, relaxation and skill development for all children
  • Noticing, recognising and responding appropriately to the needs of children and where possible involve them in daily routines and experiences

McArthur Nannies will:

  • Hold the relevant early childhood, education and care qualification, or be working towards an accredited certificate/diploma or skill set
  • Develop an understanding of each child's needs and cues and build a positive relationship with the child and family to support their individual development
  • Supervise the environment, safety and hygiene while remaining aware of your child's interests and promoting a positive atmosphere and experience for all children
  • Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of a Nanny's as an Educator in the home
  • Meet national early childhood care and standards, guidelines and processes as applicable in the home and the environment
  • Reflect on their skills and knowledge to improve and develop their role and responsibilities as a Nanny and Early Childhood Professional