Looking for a role

As a McArthur Nanny, you will be joining a company that recognises our most valuable asset is our people, and will enjoy a career partnership that is built on strong principles and values that always have your personal and professional aspirations as their focus.


You will be joining a 100% Australian owned business that has provided staff to the Early Childhood sector for over 25 years. Most McArthur consultants have been Nannies and so we understand and appreciate the challenges, issues and opportunities that come with being a Nanny. In other words, we speak your language.


We recognise the importance and value of a Nanny's role, and view it is a serious career option, not simply a short term stop-gap measure. We also ensure that the important details are taken care of and so you will always receive the correct pay and superannuation - on time, every time.


We don't simply 'drop you in'. Our experienced consultants provide you with ongoing support during short term and long term assignments. You will be provided with detailed information regarding the families you will be caring for prior to commencement and we regular check in with you to make sure all is fine and there are no issues.

Training is a key component of our Nanny development strategy and includes Asthma, Anaphylaxis and First Aid training.

We will also keep you informed of relevant changes to regulations, policies and any other issues that may affect your position as a Nanny.


Going into an unknown family environment as a Nanny can be daunting. But you can rest assured that McArthur has conducted thorough due-diligence checking on all employers prior to you starting your assignment.

McArthur will always ensure that your working conditions are safe and that you are treated as a professional. We will monitor your hours of work and ensure you are treated fairly at all times. As your employer we will liaise on your behalf when sensitive issues arise.


Working as a Nanny can be an isolated role. McArthur organises regular opportunities to network with other Nannies to share feedback and experiences - either at professional development sessions or more informal, more social get-togethers. We understand the importance of occasionally unwinding with our fellow nannies!