Our process

Tailored, streamlined processes without compromising quality

Although McArthur has successfully undertaken hundreds of previous appointments, it is critical for us  to recognise that each appointment is unique.

Our executive search process has been continuously developed and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of  Executive recruitment.
However, our aim is always the same - to maximise efficiency, minimise risk and ensure quality.  


The initial briefing session is the most critical part of the process as it allows us to sit with you and build an
in-depth understanding of the technical experience, and more importantly, the personal characteristics of the
individual you are looking to hire.  

Appropriate candidates are discreetly sourced via networking, general interviewing, data base and network trawls,
and simple but profound market place knowledge. Our National Client Relationship Management System
allows us to build a map of relevant candidates for consideration.

Once the candidate’s interest is engaged, a professional assessment of suitability is established through behavioural based
interviewing reflecting on past relevant performance. We also utilise Psychological Assessment, Video Interviewing
and in-depth Reference Checking to ensure the shortlist is a 100% reflection of a client's recruitment and business needs. 

Once a suitable candidate has been identified McArthur works with the client (if required) to facilitate negotiations on an
appropriate remuneration package. Notification to unsuccessful candidates and a comprehensive report are final stages
of the process.